Wimbledon Tennis With Watson & IBM Analytics

After travelling to Wimbledon and buying a hat on the way my day begun with a conversation about analytics and how they are used to improve the game of tennis.

The mission statement is :- “Maintain The Championships as the premier tennis tournament in the world and on grass.” They definitely didn’t disappoint! IBM have been running the analytics for 20 + years and helping them at every step.

2015 is special as the supercomputer Watson has been introduced to digest over 40 million data point and analyse to another level. Before they let Watson loose with the public they are internally analysing the data to create insights, this involves twitter data scoring data and even more historic player data.

Being fairly new to the world of data analysis I was slightly intimidated the first time I heard the term “BIg Data” and now think it maybe just a term that consultants use to make themselves sound important in front of their peers!

The most amazing data is provided by the IBM analytics at Wimbledon so that contextual social media updates are sent out in real time, rather than being fed into the data pool for analysis. IBM employ considerable numbers of people who merge their knowledge and wit with the powers of the Watson supercomputer that IBM have been working on for many years (it won jeopardy after all in 2011* Link below)

Watsons Artificial intelligence is used to predict who will win matches based upon their prior tennis moves and ability, even adjusting in real time to provide insights as to who will win the game and what they have to do to win the game (all this is available on the new IBM built Wimbledon website).

What is even more amazing is that data analytics can provide all this foresight for marketing and business planning, rather than looking backwards over a campaign or marketing spend its now possible to predict in real time how profitable a campaign will be with considerable accuracy adjusting as the live campaign gets going, rather than looking back in the rear view mirror!

Here you can see the amount of data that is created during Wimbledon and how IBM predict how much data is used to keep data costs to a minimum, imagine if you could use this forward thinking analysis for all areas of your business with ease, ensuring your inventories and costs are kept to a minimum. Surely this has value to your shareholders and the C suite would use it to boost profits?

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