Social Media Marketing Strategy Has No Shortcuts!

In a bid to save money some businesses hire interns to take care of the most important part of their social media marketing strategy. Sometimes they also adopt automation on their social media platforms. Both can work really well provided the right training programmes and resources are utilised and they’re implemented effectively.

If businesses do not invest in the correct training and resource then this cost-saving exercise becomes a rather risky, and potentially expensive, one. All it takes is one little mistake and they could, at best, lose out on potential leads and sales and, at worst, face a reputation-management disaster!

As a bare minimum the following factors need to be considered:-

• Objectives
• Timings
• Budget
• In-house capability
• Risk VS Reward

Fortunately we have the most amazing resources available to help, from marketing training programmes covering social media marketing strategy to outsourced marketing automation systems, community management and reputation management solutions.

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