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Typing into Google, Bing or Yahoo a question like :- “Where do I find a great Hotel in New York?” Will take you to a series of web pages and paid advertisements. If you decide to click through to one of the options it will take you to a web pag0e, which will hopefully give you the information you are looking for to make a decision. The more specific your question the more relevant the series of web pages on the first page.

Social search is a way of finding people asking questions or talking about your brand anywhere on the internet, from popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter through to the more specific industry related blog sites and public forum posts. This means you as a social media marketer can prove ROI by providing contextualised offers from strategic marketing communciations. It’s even possible to convert a negative conversation into a positive one by using the right strategy and brand tone of voice.

Social search is used by clever businesses to not only generate leads but to build relationships with potential new clients! Ensuring they have all the information they need in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

These reasons are enough for you to begin to take social search seriously and to even research into analytics solutions. Without bespoke software it is very difficult to find the correct conversations that are relevant to your business. Using the example above if you go to Twitter and type in the question “New York Hotels” it will bring up lots of people talking about Hotels in New York, it won’t just give you the people that are looking for a hotel room. Hence why it takes time and effort to set it up correctly and it needs constant adjustment to remove the non-relevant terms from the search &  do not forget Twitter is only one channel! ;-)

You can also monitor your brand reputation online, this means that if someone is speaking badly about you it’s possible to have a live search notifying you by email 24/7. Your team can respond to the person explain the situation and manage your reputation or have some automated procedures that fix the situation for you.

With all of the search capabilites today and the need for increased sales and more customer recommendations it’s crucial to monitor your reputation online, not from just the major social channels but from the entire web as a whole. If used and setup strategically businesses can benefit greatly, growing sales and building their brands the right way.

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