Do You Use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO 2015) or Social Search to Find What You Are Looking For

Paid Ads And Search Engine Optimisation Still Deliver ROI But Is There a Better Way

Most people hate wasting valuable time searching through irrelevant websites and forums after using search engines like Google. Of course there are websites that are providing great information and we all hope we land on those but people are now turning to social media sites to ask questions to their networks or anyone else who may be listening.

Your potential customers expect to find the information they want to make informed purchasing decisions, but more often than not they land on irrelevant websites that Google’s algorythms choose, costing time and money and losing you sales.

The return on investment is still good from search engine marketing, marketeers still know that the more relevant and informative the information is on the website the higher the chance the person who landed may purchase.

But people now are more aware of the paid advertisements and Google are adding more of them. They are using ad-block plugins to prevent annoying paid ads popping up (link below if you need it). They have now turned to social media sites to ask questions, but still generally don’t get the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

What Is Next For Your Buyers?

These potential customers are fed up with landing on pages that don’t have the information they need, searching on search engines is not ideal! We have all had to hit the back button and then landed on another website that is still a complete waste of time.

Next abandoning the search engines and head for either a niche community on another website or they seek out an industry expert, then ask them a question on social media. All of this has taken them a very long time, so they are now fed up…either they give up as they have no more time to find the product or service they were looking for (now they are cold!). Or they post a question out there on a social media site and await a response.

What Is The Solution

Wouldn’t it be great for the potential customers to be found by someone who had what they needed and who could answer their question? Businesses who use ‘social listening’ are now reaping the rewards.

They are finding the people who want the exact products and services they have to sell and stepping in at that optimimum moment to provide the information the potential customer wants to help them make an informed purchasing decision.

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