The Robots Are Coming And You Should Be Worried – Seriously!

According to Oxford University study, 47% of US jobs could be automated within one to two decades. So yes the Robots are coming for your job or are they??

The Humanoid Android powered Robot in the video above was launched in Japan this year and whilst it can only give novel directions at the moment around a Mitsukoshi department store in Japan there will be a lot of industries that will be decimated; including the marketing world, especially social media marketing consultants and managers lacking the necessary skills to plan and execute the automations they will be pretty much replaced by robots, either they manage them or get disrupted!

As a social media marketing agency we are seriously worried as we may in fact disrupt ourselves! The robots may be coming for us too! This is why we spend hours and hours honing our skills enabling us to be at the forefront of the latest technologies that are being released providing help to the industry and our clients.

Whilst researching into this subject I have discovered a lot of articles which not only back up my “insanity” but hold some serious warnings for people that are working for their money and relying on their jobs to eat.

Jobs at risk from robot automation

This is not just another industrial revolution, this is a serious problem as you can see. If we don’t put regulations in place to assist people to upskill they could destroy civilisation as a we know it. The divide between rich and poor could grow even bigger over night than it has ever been! The rich and middle classes themselves becoming poor very quickly indeed, left with no skills and being in desperate need of education!

We are at a turning point and if people don’t realise the fact that they could be replaced by machines they will be part of the newly unemployed or worse! The resources they need to live will be sparce due to the death of consumerisation causing mass uncertainty around investments and financial systems, consumer spending etc…

The only way to stay abreast of the developments and in work is to learn new skills fast! Not just fast but extremely fast! If you think ignoring this message is the best thing to do obviously your not scared enough of the consequences. Robots in manufacturing are already here, in May Shenzhen Evenwin Precision Technology (a chinese manufacturing company) announced it would soon be replacing 90% of its workforce with machines! Of 1800 employees (with families to provide for) only 200 will remain to oversee the robotic workforce.

An ongoing trend in Southern China to reduce manufacturing costs to keep up with other economies is to utilise robots and in future machine learning will replace many more highly skilled workers. “This is nothing new” I here you say! Well actually no it’s not but…

The concept of computers working out how to do skilled jobs is now a reality, the only people who will survive intact are the ones who are truly unique and those who can combine their skills with technology, managing and inventing new ways to use the technologies.

According to the article I just read in business insider (referenced below) if someone can work out how you do your job you are in big trouble, this means with machine learning capabilities that you could be disrupted and unemployed. There are ways that we can fix this situation or at least the existing robot learning technologies can help to fix it…but how?

Linkedin for example could analyse their membership base and advise them as to which skills or jobs they could do in five years time based upon trends of which job titles are dying and which skills they need to learn to ensure future employment will keep them fed and watered for the rest of their lives. Even going so far to assist them to train towards the rising trendy jobs that will be created due to this mass disruption based upon the algorythm analysis that they are probably doing already behind the scenes; so they can then sell training courses (They acquired for 1.5Billion USD link below) so they can upskill you to become upwardly mobile and then spend more money with them ;-)

We assist many social consultants and businesses to use “Big Business Tools” enabling them to maximise their results from social search results, leading to greater control over their reputations, providing they have a team to manage the results! At the moment fortunately it is not easy to create a robot which has wit and all the answers to manage social media channels effectively. Some of the larger technologies stop after apologising once for an error by placing a voucher in a conversation thread with an apology. This is just why some of the larger brands are known to be a bit clinical when dealing with complaints and don’t interact with you on a human level.

Is it necessary to bring in strict regulations ?? Worldwide standards around machine learning technologies and employment systems for businesses regulating them ?? Or are we going to end up in a state where the computers and businesses are going to not only decide who lives or dies? But we may be beholden to the robots themselves that we created to assist us…

Are Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and others right is machine learning and AI the end of the human race?

I am interested in your thoughts as to how we can help the world to prevent such a catastrophic chain of events that are already disrupting industries.

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