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How far do you travel to shop at Ikea?.


Project Description

We love shopping in Ikea, and now we get to talk directly to their customers too.

Ikea needed to understand where there customers where coming from and how much they were spending in-store. They want to use this information to plan any new store locations and the most cost effective locations to send out their latest catalogues.

Our first phase required the collection of 15,000 responses per store in each of their 19 stores nationwide and Eire over a 2 week period. The project was timed to fall on a period of no special interest such as a bank holiday or school holidays. We put together a team of up to 4 people in each store every day for 14 consecutive days, all equipped with collection packs of clipboards, survey forms and T-shirts branded with ‘Customer Survey Team’ in Ikea colours.

They were to catch as many customers immediately after the store checkouts as they could.  We worked our socks off on a very tight timescale to deliver over 300,000 responses, all the postcodes were then validated to ensure that we only delivered usable data to our customer. All data is dynamically collected and reporting is immediate so you can see at any point in the day where our team are against target – and what the data says.

Regular update reports were ran to ensure that the responses were as Ikea required and that the daily collection targets were being met so we could adjust the staffing in real time so as not to miss the final target.

We are now delivering phase 2 of the project which involves 5,000 responses per store over a 7 day period with the same tight deadlines and strict timelines for collection and delivery.

If you meet one of our guys in store stop and say hi.

Project Details

  • Client Ikea
  • Date 11th, January 2013
  • Tags Customer Research, Tactical Field
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