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Asda MVG Merchandising and Stock Control.

Project Description

Console games are a fast moving business, combine this with one of the largest and busiest grocery chains in the UK and you can see the value of real time stock control. Old stock left on the shelf or new stock not delivered and displayed costs everyone profit which is why Asda employed our services to visit every store on a bi-weekly basis and put us 100% in control of the stock.

Our team of 65 people, using handheld barcode scanners with up-to-date stock lists and full descriptions of the goods processed;

-          New products in

-          Out of date releases

-          Faulty returns

-          Chart updates

-          Price changes

-          Stock audits

Every item scanned was given a full item description on the device as a safeguard check, the appropriate action displayed and then relayed in real-time to a central database where further checks were carried out and logged. This, in turn, updated the central stock database and triggered the appropriate action such as a new delivery or a collection for returns.

The results proved to increase efficiency and accuracy, reduce costs and wastage and provide the customer with full up-to-date information.

Project Details

  • Date 25th, January 2014
  • Tags Instore Promotion, Merchandising, Stock Management & Control, Tactical Field
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