Humans In A World Of Robots?

I sent my Dad a blog post of mine yesterday mentioning the new economy where robots were going to replace jobs and all that malarkey. Despite him being over 80 years old he wasn’t surprised at all. Being an engineer, educated at MIT he has known about the capabilities of Robots for many years, deciding not to use them in his own business and instead employ people.

He visited the Carlsberg brewery about 30 years ago  with his students (he used to teach business management in the 1980s). They only noticed one person there, he held  a piece of wood with a rubber glove finger on the end. His job was to make sure that if a bottle fell over it was lifted up by his finger to begin the process of bottling again. I am sure they’ve probably replaced this one sole human in the bottling room with a machine by now.

Being from America and always reading The Scientist magazine my article didn’t shock him at all -rather he was quite excited about the prospect of the next level of disruption. The only problem I have is what are the people going to do with their time? Today I read in an article which explained even people who write content are being replaced by machines and apparently lots of Wikipedia article are even written by robots! Ref below.

Since I wrote my last article lots of people have agreed, it’s a huge risk for the working population of the world, some however have sent me to articles saying the opposite and how it will create x amount more money etc… All this extra money is good and well but if it’s in the hands of unethical companies with no guidelines or ethical framework explaining how they will ensure they create x amounts of jobs for humans all that money will do nothing except for the privileged few. More likely it will just be used to streamline their processes and reduce their marketing costs increasing profits for those privileged few who are involved.

Do we want to live in a world where we can only use internet banking to talk to a computer?

Even the chat box is pretending to be human!

Do we want to go the bank and pay our cheques in through the cashpoint serviced by an armed security guard who is like something out of the terminator?

Taxi drivers will certainly be displaced somewhat, Uber will just buy automated cars, they don’t care about you or I, all these companies care about is the money they make for shareholders. There will be so many levels of disruption over the next few years, panic is certainly something to consider, either that or up-skill yourself to work with the robots to create something for you and your family, outline your interests and spend an hour a day studying something you enjoy, eithertech related or totally unique. Doing this should  help you create a job working with robots or provide something truly special (and without the worry of being disrupted).

The more information I read on this subject the more I think it could go both ways, it could be the case that in 20 years or so we are more in harmony with the technology that we live and breathe, even going so far as to have contact lenses and chips under our skin which connect us online (these are already being tested to pass security in office buildings) so this could eradicate the present companies that exist within the mobile phone space. Apple and Samsung etc have a few choices, either they buy the startups that create this technology, hire the people to make the tech, or create the technology themselves.

So the future will involve connected devices, cars, services, drones (delivering in real time to us when we want something) and all the other things people thought impossible 50 years ago, but now we actually know what is possible, Amazon already have drones that could replace their delivery teams, we already have the Google automated car, being launched to the public in July this year.

I have some ideas on how social media will fit into this and it looks like the devices used will utilise our diaries, address books, location based services and arrange meetings, organise birthday gifts, drones  delivering on route to the tube station and through the sun roof of our cars…life will be good but the question is – are we ready to embrace it?

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