Why Should Your Business Hire An External Agency For Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing Agency Part One

This is a decision that should not be taken lightly as it has many consequences. With positives and negatives on both sides, just why a hybrid partnership arrangement is usually the norm these days, this ensures that excellence can be maintained on all levels.

I was speaking with a marcomms manager for a FTSE 250 over a year ago, she agreed with me the move to hire in house resources is the way to go, having an agency on a retainer to do some of the heavy lifting and more specialist tasks.

We agreed the agency you hire need to seeminglessly fit into the business, being able to understand the industry and customer archetypes. They need to be able to find, create and produce relevant content for clients. The visitors need to eagerly await blogs or videos and engage on the right level, the brand personality should be shown of in the right light, enabling people to have an insight into who you are and what the key benefits are in dealing with your business instead of your competitors.

It may be the case that like most businesses who go on a “Social Media Journey” you learn that having the right relationship with a specialist lead generation agency is the way to go, rather than putting in place an outside resource that doesn’t get your goals or objectives and who is unable to suggest a symbiotic way of working together.

Working with an outside agency should be really easy, the last thing you need is to buy things that you don’t need for your business and don’t understand how to use, hence why a full analysis is necessary prior to suggesting any software solution or external resource that’s needed.

From choosing and the upgrading of technology systems to the added freshness of an outside resource. Choose an agency who are willing to share what other industries are doing, to communicate more effectively and contextually. How to utilise that innovation within their clients business environments and social media communities.

Even if the decision is made to run social media marketing communications in house, you may need to use an outside specialist social media marketing and communications agency to integrate social media analytics into campaign management. This is important for many reasons as you may need bespoke agency tools which aren’t generally available for the smaller enterprises or you may request some features that are crucial for business, which need to be customised.

Every business should understand their own data, but in the early stages it may be necessary to have a specialist agency to show clear data insights you  can act on to increase profitability for the shareholder.

If you would like some advice on this or social media analytics please let me know.

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