Break Your Tech Addiction Go On A Digital Diet And Regain Balance In Your Life!

All this talk about new phones and tablets and IoT is one thing but what about the problems Tech is causing our brains and the future generations so how will you break your tech addiciton and go on a digital diet and regain balance?

I sit here on the train writing this and most people around me don’t have a clue that all this is going on! All the big data, all the Ipads and Iphones are controlling their very existence, children as young as 7 years old and younger are being given mobile phones to play with, my daughter has been learning how to use a computer since 2 years old.

The real problems will exist when the current generation hit the working world and realise that all these distractions will take away their focus entirely from the present moment and ruin their productivity, good news is the creation of new jobs to help with the addiction. Technology withdrawal is now a huge market for opportunist new start-ups…concentration spans are at an all time low. Those who do attempt to concentrate are bombarded not only by the general noise out there but the noise within themselves always asking them to check their emails, messages and Facebook messages for that next endorphin feeling that occurs when they get a notification from someone on that they care about. (Link below from Oxford University Study)

Even for me as I am writing this article I must admit it is struggle to not check my phone for the various messages that come into me from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, SMS, Email and others…the list goes on.

Not only are we creating problems for people’s minds but we are creating many other problems where kids spend all their time looking down at screens and not interacting with others in the real world, their sense of humour is being affected, their posture and they are growing in weird ways hence neck pains, shoulder pains, slouching is prevalent within the technology addicted world.  For an example every inch your head moves forward is an extra 10 pounds your neck holds up. (Mike Segar/Reuters)

People suffer from addictions that gives them hallucinations, like the man who had Google glasses on his head for 16 hours a day and went into rehabilitation and after 35 days managed to be less irritable and was no longer repeatedly moving his hand to his temple! Ref article below.

So what is next? How are we going to help our society to be more human and connected with each other instead of being separate and within their own boxes not speaking to people just looking at something outside of their current place they are not fully in the moment, just looking at their phones and wishing they were somewhere else, they say we spend 4 hours a day looking at our smartphones, but it’s probably more than this as the hardwiring of the brain is affected so we are probably thinking more about the phone than we are thinking about what we are doing!

Apparently we are much less productive when we are permanently distracted by our devices and interruptions. In the USA a 2007 study by Basex estimated that distractions cost US businesses $588 billion per year and this is likely to be similar across the world (probably more now!)

My advice is to firstly work out what you want to achieve and concentrate on the task in hand before moving to the next one. If this idea sends shivers down your spine I suggest you read a book for an hour and see how many times you are distracted by your smart phone. If it’s the case you are unable to I strongly suggest you take up a hobby, doesn’t matter what it is as long as you can switch off the distractions; you can fight against the permanent hardwiring of your brain if you try! You were beginning to think was the new “Multitasking YOU” but now realise the fact that your loss of productivity is not only costing you money but it’s making you a very difficult individual to do business with or be friends with. We all know people like this always checking their phone in meetings responding to things like it’s normal to do when speaking with someone. Winston Churchill used to take the telex paper out of the machine and rip it off and throw it in the bin, his theory was if it’s important they will send another!

We respond to emails within 5 minutes and get impatient and annoyed if our messages are not read and acted upon immediately, remember the people who do manage to delay reading your communications until the times they have allocated are the most productive individuals you have the pleasure to do business with. I am backing off from instant communications, if you want to get hold of me then email is fine, don’t expect a response immediately I will get back to you as soon as I can, perhaps remind me on Twitter or SMS if you need to speak to me urgently, this way is a good reminder to get me to respond as soon as I can after I have seen it, let’s hope I am not distracted though…

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